PAKISTAN: Life goes on like a movie train, it’s neither day nor night

La vida sigue como un tren de película, no es ni de día ni de noche
People console and offer 
condolences and move on
Silence is speaking volumes.. 
It's the constant beats of time
that drums along the way, 
loneliness eats us away 
I was so much full of life and 
exuberant wanted to live fully, 
but all my passionate dreams 
were inherited by longing and 
love alone. 
It's lockdown era due 
to Corona virus and schools and 
offices are closed, working 
partially online. 
It's been a while more than a 
year now, quarantined in one 
room as if a cave girl. 
Often it feels like you have 
forgotten something 
somewhere. Often you have 
new discoveries, new visions, 
new points of view for the 
familiar situations and not so 
familiar ones as well. As if new 
thoughts dawn on you lead 
you to whole new dimensions 
of belief. As if you had been 
blinded before and were in a 
deep sleep until now. And now 
you are awaken. 

This awakening is a new era 
of evolution in everything. As if 
you have come out from a 
cave in which you have been 
living since the start of time. 

As if the train is now stationed 
to a new place, a new world 
outright. You are a traveler a 
tourist of a sort and have 
reached some very new 
destination, one you have 
never thought even imagined 

This world is simple and easy 
to be yourself with. 

You don't need to dress up or 
even wear bra or makeup for 
public or for power impact or 
just impression management. 
You are now more of your own 
person, less pretentious, truer 
and happier. More pleased 
with yourself and comfortable 
enough to connect with others 
via the internet and social 
media and video conferencing 

There was a concept once of 
big fish in a small box. Now 
everyone is in a box and the 
pool is vacant! 

And when you come out it's
like a resurrection!  

Every window is a new 
opportunity a new discovery, 
new ideas are rising and 
blooming and bearing fruits 
every minute, because we all 

Everyone is in same boat and 
same groove. Virus is spread 
in air and water and in 
between. We are our own 
messiah.. Our minds are 
searching for a cure. 

How to? That's the question in 
everyone's mind and we are 
thinking now. We had stopped 
thinking and a lot of time had 
passed and we had not been 
giving much thought to what 
was important. Now we are 
giving it importance. 
Everything which we had once 
forgotten is now renewed on 
our surfaces of mind. 

For example we had forgotten 
our own deaths. We had been 
living as if there was no
tomorrow but we were not 
used to anticipate death! Now 
we are as it is now a fact so 
obvious that we can no more 
ignore it! 

We had forgotten thinking 
about others and public well 
being and importance of 
health and cleanliness and 
environmental safety. Now we 
are keen to have a clean 
atmosphere around the world. 
Now we are watching our 
every move. Now we are 
eager for a better tomorrow 
and to make the world a better 
place to live for every one and 
generations to come! 

Now we are less threatening 
to our environment and more 
prone to think about other's 
betterment as now we have 
realized that we are one! We 
have reached to a new 
understanding that everyone 
is connected one way or the 
other, no matter how far away 
from our reach. That we are all 
related to each other and 
responsible for our actions 
towards others and towards 
the whole world. We do not 
need slogans of environmental 
protection just to win in 
elections now. We are really 
concerned about this and 
other factors. We are more 
genuine and feelings are truer. 
We are fresh like a new born 
baby. We are taking baby 
steps towards the betterment 
of the world. We are more 
human for now at least. This 
could be the best lesson one 
could learn from the episode 
of social insecurities  

This is the resurrection of our 
minds as of we have emerged 
from a cave where we have 
long been.  

We have realized that if we 
want to be free and not locked 
down we have to free our 
minds and thinking. We have 
to free others from our 
domination and possessions 
and obsessions. We can no 
more keep them as hostages 
for our unworthy pursuits and 
power politics! We can no 
longer crucify others for our 
pleasure. We should neither 
bully others nor force them to 
obey and concede to our point 
of view and beliefs. We need 
to be a free thinker and 
positive mindset and actions. 
We need power focus on the 
development of a collective 
power by the people for the 
people and to the people. 
Better law and order for the 
safety of the people, not giving 
up to our petty desires. 

Transcribed from Urdu

original language of Pakistán

to English

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