Reflexión: «El Valor de Trascender»

Spreading the wings and flying means going through a metamorphosis…
Moving forward requires effort and we all know that changes are not easy. Sometimes we have to feel our way through a dark maze before crossing to the other side. Continúa leyendo Reflexión: «El Valor de Trascender»


-Connect your soul with the creator, whatever your belief or the conception you have of him. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: CONEXIÓN DE VIDA.


To each of the beings, God from his infinite love has given us a talent, a capacity, a gift, a feeling. That is why it is pleasant to share, transmit, see, perceive or receive at some point in our lives the manifestation of this feeling or acting. Continúa leyendo Soberbia


You are a river that flows through the valley of life, you are an exuberant and green jungle in your years of precious youth. You are air, because without it, your existence is not possible; You are a wave, an impetuous and overwhelming river when it comes to defending yourself in the ups and downs of life. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Eres río


It is necessary to instill in our children the value, respect and responsibility for study, work or assigned tasks, teaching them how rewarding it is to reap the fruits of work carried out with honesty and effort. But within this positive teaching, we must never forget, much less invalidate, their rights to education, protection and maintenance by their parents or caregivers in a balanced, equitable and responsible manner; to the rest that your body, soul and mind in formation need to be a healthy adult in all areas of your life. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: SOBRE EL TRABAJO INFANTIL

REFLEXIÓN: Más allá de la noche -A ti mujer-

If one day you feel faint overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life, if you feel your wings falter when you are going to reach the flight, or in a dark corner of your soul you feel that fantasy is dying because your wounds and scars still cause you a lot of pain; If you feel strength absent, illusion and even goodness since your heart broken into a thousand pieces moans in the silence of loneliness, or perhaps your wings, so wounded and fragile, can no longer break the force of the wind… If your dreams are tired of being dreamed a thousand times, and you don’t see a clear light in the harshness of life, please DO NOT give up… Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Más allá de la noche -A ti mujer-


Undoubtedly, each and every one of us has traveled the paths of sadness, nostalgia, mourning and depression (on a greater or lesser scale). Continúa leyendo LA POESÍA, UN OASIS PARA EL ALMA


When life leads us down the paths of pain, anguish, uncertainty and even desolation, although we cannot perceive or understand it, our soul is strengthened. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: ATRAVESANDO EL DESIERTO


José Francisco Guerrero López, writer and novelist born in Torre del Mar, Málaga, Professor at the University of Málaga since 1986 in the specialty of Special Education (autism, ADHD, social exclusion and Down syndrome). Before dedicating himself to university teaching, he was a martial arts teacher (Taekwondo black belt). Continúa leyendo ENTREVISTA A JOSÉ FRANCISCO GUERRERO LÓPEZ, ESCRITOR Y CATEDRÁTICO.


Solitude and silence are great teachers, because they confront us with our inner self, with our fears, strengths, anxieties and weaknesses. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: EL DESAFIO DE LA SOLEDAD Y EL SILENCIO


Life, existence offers us pauses … Some pleasant, others painful, some more perhaps as a learning to know who we are, what we are made of, what is important, how much we love each other, what we accept or it is pertinent to move away from our life. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: GRATITUD EN LA ADVERSIDAD


With the launch of his second novel «Murder in the port of Barcelona», delights and fills the public with expectations again, in the final stretch of this year so convulsed by uncertainty and drastic changes at a global level. For the followers of Literary Planet, then the interview with Miquel Cruz, spanish writer, Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, actor, novelist and screenwriter. Continúa leyendo ENTREVISTA: A MIQUEL CRUZ, ESCRITOR Y NOVELISTA ESPAÑOL

Feliz navidad 2021

We are in the final stretch of a very complex year, where we have been subjected to emotional ups and downs due to uncertainty, worry and abrupt changes in the economy, health and family and social relationships. Continúa leyendo Feliz navidad 2021

REFLEXIÓN: Conexión de Vida

-Connect your soul with the creator, whatever your belief or conception you have of him. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Conexión de Vida

REFLEXIÓN: El adiós de una mujer

The goodbye of a woman is weaving slowly, over the years, disappointments and disappointments. It germinates in the absences, whether physical, affectionate or emotional, in the lack of respect, of fairness, in that constant giving and giving without finding an echo or appreciation of its existence. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: El adiós de una mujer


If peace is a state of the soul, a commitment of being and a spirit in soft calm that allows us to transcend, then before pacts on war or peace, we should examine our actions, why not love in a truthful way? Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: ¿SERÁ POSIBLE ALCANZAR LA PAZ?


For centuries, women have played a primary role in the formation of the family and society, as well as in various areas such as art, politics or the economy, even despite discrimination and injustice, lack of equity and respect. for their dreams and their rights and the restrictions to which many of them are subjected. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIONES: EN HOMENAJE A LA MUJER

REFLEXIONES: ¿Es inalcanzable la felicidad?

It seems that we spend our lives pursuing happiness and that this is like a chimerical ideal that no matter how much we speed up the pace, we cannot reach it. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIONES: ¿Es inalcanzable la felicidad?

REFLEXIÓN: Metamorfosis

Bajo el manto de las estrellas todos somos iguales, creación de Dios. Under the mantle of the stars we are all the same, creation of God Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Metamorfosis

Muy personal

VERY PERSONAL En opinión muy personal, la crianza y educación de los hijos es y ha sido siempre una gran responsabilidad, una tarea compleja y hasta difícil, más aún cuando en la actualidad los padres se encuentran ante nuevos retos como la de falta de tiempo, barreras de comunicación (pareciera absurdo en esta época de los avances tecnológicos en la comunicación). In very personal opinion, … Continúa leyendo Muy personal

Nuestros hermanos de otra especie

«Whoever feeds a hungry animal feeds its soul» Anonymous.
“Quien alimenta a un animal hambriento, alimenta su alma»  –  Anónimo Continúa leyendo Nuestros hermanos de otra especie

REFLEXIÓN: Feminidad Vs. patriarcado

It seems that in the daily life of our experiences we are accepting and assuming the expressions of machismo and patriarchy as something natural. In many countries, for centuries, women have been educated for service, the silence of their emotions and the renunciation of their dreams, projects and desires, imposing other priorities on them according to their role in the family and in their society. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Feminidad Vs. patriarcado


Sometimes we feel so privileged, special and even so important because we have a position, a job or a job or economic position better than many, what if we do not have the maturity, empathy, and a solid balance in the foundations of our humanity, we can fall into the exaltation of our own ego initiating a slow but inexorable descent down the path of selfishness, pride, lack of humility and injustice. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: LA SOBERBIA Y NUESTRA FRAGILIDAD


Those of us who have the privilege of weaving stories and dreams, emotions and feelings that gradually become a story, a poem or a novel, a new, alternate, parallel world, emerged from our imagination and with the genuine desire to anchor in instead of the mind, of the soul of the reader, to tattoo on it a little piece of ours, we know the deep meaning of this day. Continúa leyendo ¡FELIZ DIA DEL ESCRITOR!

Ley y justicia/Law and Justice

While it is true that the laws were created with the aim of imparting justice and acting with equity, it is also true that on many occasions they have been misrepresented for the benefit of the particular interests of an individual, a ruler, political, social, financial group. or religious, who is exercising and administering power at a certain time. Continúa leyendo Ley y justicia/Law and Justice


Nos es fácil hablar sobre el mundo o el planeta ideal que todos queremos o merecemos. ¿Pero será que nuestras acciones cotidianas son acordes con esto que anhelamos? Continúa leyendo Inconsciencia

REFLEXIÓN: Siempre Tú..!

Perhaps because that is the education that we have been given, because we are more sensitive and empathetic, or because the maternal instinct makes us more emotional and loving, more willing to make some sacrifices; But generally speaking, women have a tendency to overlook our own needs and put our family first in most circumstances. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Siempre Tú..!

Fragilidad y deshumanización

Al parecer, los seres humanos poco a poco vamos perdiendo precisamente eso: ¡nuestra  humanidad..! Vamos  pasando por alto la responsabilidad de enseñar y transmitir a nuestra descendencia y por ende a la sociedad, el valor del respeto hacia la vida, la tierra y a los demás seres que habitan el planeta. Continúa leyendo Fragilidad y deshumanización

La altivez

Cuántas veces se nos olvida que nada dura para siempre, nada es eterno, y menos las relaciones que no se cultivan. Cuántas veces nos dejamos llevar por el ego y la altivez, adoptando esa postura de invalidar la actitud o el esfuerzo que hace cada uno en pro de una familia, de un hogar o una persona. Continúa leyendo La altivez

Los silencios de una mujer

Hay silencios que pretenden transmitir empatía, comprensión, afecto. También están aquellos que las mujeres aprendemos a manifestar cuando se sobre entiende que ninguna palabra hará la diferencia, o cuando el dolor supera las expectativas. Continúa leyendo Los silencios de una mujer

La intolerancia

Entendemos que la intolerancia es el rechazo hacia las ideas, actitudes u opiniones de los demás, si están en desacuerdo con nuestra forma de ver y actuar en la vida. Continúa leyendo La intolerancia

Tiempo de cambios

Todos hemos pasado por un proceso complicado durante estos últimos meses, muchos con pérdidas irreparables en su núcleo familiar, su entorno de amistad o incluso el laboral. Continúa leyendo Tiempo de cambios