Reflexión: Hoy escribo para ella…

Today I write for those women who get up every day with determination and willpower to start a new day, for those who decide to continue in their fight to move forward and transcend despite… Continúa leyendo Reflexión: Hoy escribo para ella…

Reflexión: «El Valor de Trascender»

Spreading the wings and flying means going through a metamorphosis…
Moving forward requires effort and we all know that changes are not easy. Sometimes we have to feel our way through a dark maze before crossing to the other side. Continúa leyendo Reflexión: «El Valor de Trascender»


-Connect your soul with the creator, whatever your belief or the conception you have of him. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: CONEXIÓN DE VIDA.


To each of the beings, God from his infinite love has given us a talent, a capacity, a gift, a feeling. That is why it is pleasant to share, transmit, see, perceive or receive at some point in our lives the manifestation of this feeling or acting. Continúa leyendo Soberbia


You are a river that flows through the valley of life, you are an exuberant and green jungle in your years of precious youth. You are air, because without it, your existence is not possible; You are a wave, an impetuous and overwhelming river when it comes to defending yourself in the ups and downs of life. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Eres río


It is necessary to instill in our children the value, respect and responsibility for study, work or assigned tasks, teaching them how rewarding it is to reap the fruits of work carried out with honesty and effort. But within this positive teaching, we must never forget, much less invalidate, their rights to education, protection and maintenance by their parents or caregivers in a balanced, equitable and responsible manner; to the rest that your body, soul and mind in formation need to be a healthy adult in all areas of your life. Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: SOBRE EL TRABAJO INFANTIL

REFLEXIÓN: Más allá de la noche -A ti mujer-

If one day you feel faint overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life, if you feel your wings falter when you are going to reach the flight, or in a dark corner of your soul you feel that fantasy is dying because your wounds and scars still cause you a lot of pain; If you feel strength absent, illusion and even goodness since your heart broken into a thousand pieces moans in the silence of loneliness, or perhaps your wings, so wounded and fragile, can no longer break the force of the wind… If your dreams are tired of being dreamed a thousand times, and you don’t see a clear light in the harshness of life, please DO NOT give up… Continúa leyendo REFLEXIÓN: Más allá de la noche -A ti mujer-


Undoubtedly, each and every one of us has traveled the paths of sadness, nostalgia, mourning and depression (on a greater or lesser scale). Continúa leyendo LA POESÍA, UN OASIS PARA EL ALMA