The International Energy Agency, a structure dependent on the OECD, in its monthly report on the oil market, reports that the impact of Western sanctions on Russian energy exports has so far been essentially nil. The OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – is not based in Moscow. It is an organization based in Paris of which 36 countries are part, including the United States, almost the entire European Union, Japan, Australia and Canada, Mexico and Chile, Switzerland and Turkey. As of June 1, 2021, the Secretary General of the OECD is the Australian Mathias Cormann. Continúa leyendo EDITORIAL: UE y RUSIA, LOS SANCIONADORES SANCIONADOS.

Ucraina, la Cina non è vicina

Two hours of talks with Xi Jinping were not enough for Joe Biden to convince Beijing that it should play a mediating role in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Continúa leyendo Ucraina, la Cina non è vicina


Russian demands for security guarantees were essentially ignored by NATO. Not only have they not been accepted, but the United States has provocatively deployed another 8,000 of its soldiers and their weapons systems in Poland, just to reiterate the US interest in the potential conflict. The basic idea that is maintained in Brussels and Washington is that American and Atlantic Alliance soldiers can go and settle wherever they want, up to the Russian borders, while Russian soldiers cannot even move within their own country. There is a security problem for Ukraine, but not for Russia. This is because Russian security cannot be put on the agenda, since the entire politico-military operation is precisely aimed at a broad and deep attack on Moscow’s political and military stability. Continúa leyendo KIEV: MORIRE PER WASHINGTON?


The electoral campaign has been formally opened in Nicaragua. The civic right presents its best candidates, while the coup right shouts from the rooftops that the elections should not be recognized by the international community. Continúa leyendo NICARAGUA: HACIA LAS URNAS


The attack on the Kabul airport by ISIS K, the Afghan-Pakistani faction of ISIS, presents an unprecedented picture of fleeing occupiers, terrorists targeting terrorists, and the United States that for days has been raising the alarm for an attack. It almost seemed like a prediction. Continúa leyendo AFGANISTÁN: LA GRAN ESTAFA


The disorderly and daring departure of American troops from Kabul has produced substantially unequivocal comments about another American defeat. That’s? Of course, the defeat is political and military, but the big picture is a more complex and articulated reading. The United States, in fact, tried – and failed – to win, but somehow they were more interested in the presence in Afghanistan than in a military victory. Continúa leyendo OPINIÓN: LECCIONES AFGANAS

Lula, Brasil respiraLula, il Brasile torna a respirare

El juez Edson Fachin, del Supremo Tribunal Federal de Brasil, ha declarado nulos los actos que dieron lugar a la persecución judicial, el encarcelamiento y la suspensión de sus derechos civiles y políticos contra Ignacio Lula Da Silva. Esto podría poner fin a la agonía de la justicia brasileña y a la agonía personal de Lula, víctima de un complot político-judicial decidido en Washington y organizado en Brasilia. Incluso con otros procesos en curso, Lula ha vuelto a ser sujeto de derecho, candidato y elegible, habiendo desaparecido las inhibiciones de derechos políticos que las sentencias habían producido. Continúa leyendo Lula, Brasil respiraLula, il Brasile torna a respirare

Ecuador, ¿otra Bolivia?Ecuador, un’altra Bolivia?

Un leopardo no puede cambiar sus manchas. Así podría comenzar la historia del enésimo nuevo intento de golpe de Estado en América Latina, a partir de este antiguo y nunca desmentido dicho. Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio. Potrebbe cominciare così, da questo detto antico e mai smentito, il racconto del nuovo, ennesimo, tentativo di colpo di stato in America Latina, da questo vecchio e mai smentito detto. Continúa leyendo Ecuador, ¿otra Bolivia?Ecuador, un’altra Bolivia?