The International Energy Agency, a structure dependent on the OECD, in its monthly report on the oil market, reports that the impact of Western sanctions on Russian energy exports has so far been essentially nil. The OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – is not based in Moscow. It is an organization based in Paris of which 36 countries are part, including the United States, almost the entire European Union, Japan, Australia and Canada, Mexico and Chile, Switzerland and Turkey. As of June 1, 2021, the Secretary General of the OECD is the Australian Mathias Cormann. Continúa leyendo EDITORIAL: UE y RUSIA, LOS SANCIONADORES SANCIONADOS.


Greatly surprising the international community, Nicaragua has decided to reestablish diplomatic relations with China at the highest level and, in consecuense, break diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which have always been commercial, never political. It is no coincidence that Taiwan has never come out in support of Managua in the different stages of its political action and that it has never tried to pressure its main sponsor – the United States – who has always been reminded that the relationship was only about business. The free zone is the only portion of Nicaraguan territory that interested the Taiwanese, that are now only recognized by 13 countries, apart from the Vatican, of the 197 that make up the entire international community. Continúa leyendo EDITORIALE: MANAGUA – PECHINO, LA NUOVA ROTTA

EDITORIALE: Ucraina: il pericolo è la OTAN

Non pare abbiano sortito effetti i colloqui telefonici tra Joe Biden e Vladimir Putin. Quella che si sviluppata al confine tra Russia e Ucraina è una crisi costruita politicamente e mediaticamente. Alla complessiva quanto conclamata ostilità tra Kiev e Mosca non si era aggiunta nessuna particolare tensione e la stessa intelligence militare del regime filo-nazista di Kiev non segnalava nessun pericolo da parte russa. Continúa leyendo EDITORIALE: Ucraina: il pericolo è la OTAN