ESPAÑA: Mª JOSÉ PERIS PREMIO A LA EXCELENCIA COMO ACTRIZ Y CANTANTE Premio por y para mujeres «Valencia Ciudad del Grial»

With the hashtag #verysentirlacultura, the «VALENCIA, CIUDAD DEL GRAIL» awards for female excellence have been presented for five years within the patronage program of «Centro Óptico Losán» with which its manager, Esther Santillana, intends to promote and give visibility to women. That with their work and talent they make the cultural and artistic scene shine «of a city that has given me so much and that, I understand, deserves greater recognition.» Proud of her humble origins, this La Mancha woman from Villanueva de los Infantes in Ciudad Real encourages us «to get to know my town because it is beautiful and with a lot of history». An entrepreneur for more than two decades, she lives in Valencia where she works as an optometrist.